Program/Project Development Analyst – Senior

Education and Minimum Experience:  Education: MS in Engineering, Computer Science, or other comparable technical degree from an accredited college/university and five (5) years related experience; or BA/BS from an accredited college/university and ten (10) years related experience.  Waiver of degree requirement for specific known technical expertise in national-level intelligence, tactical and/or strategic communications systems, Command and Control applications and architectures, and documented experience serving in senior level positions.  Minimum Experience.  Must possess the following experience:  Understanding of multiple C2 systems; experience with computer and communications-related programs; cost-benefit analysis to support decision making of alternative designs or architectures and risk assessment associated with approach; experience in requirements development, product definition and design, C2, and test planning and execution.  Experience performing technical analysis and provide recommended courses of action to identify, assess, and prioritize C2 capability gaps. Experience reviewing and editing CCMD Integrated Priority Lists (IPLs), reviewing and editing DoD policy and guidance documents, reviewing and editing Initial Capability Documents (ICDs) and other JCIDS documents, managing the collection of these CCMD priorities, identifying tangential or secondary and tertiary priorities, validating, and prioritizing these gaps for possible requirements development or needs. Experience establishing metrics and conducting analysis to support decisions that ensure efficient use of DoD resources and synchronization of capability development across program lines of effort. Experience providing assistance in aligning capability requirements with material developer’s solutions and ensuring operational community needs are represented through development of informative, concise, and accurate user stories, Capability Development Documents (CDDs), Capability Definition Packages (CDPs), Capability Packages (CPs), C2 analysis metrics, risk assessments, warfighter surveys, lessons learned, and other C2 requirements documentation for capability developer consumption. Experience maintaining, editing or updating germane Joint C2 policy documents such as: CJCSJI/M 3265 series, DoDI 3700.01, DoDD 5000.01, DoDI 5000.02, WG charters, or other germane requirements documents.

Experience providing informational and decisional support material to prepare for engagement

in C2 governance/management forums and working groups up to and including the General Officer/Flag Officer (GOFO) level.

Experience providing recommendations to ensure Joint C2 concepts and strategies are aligned with DoD guidance and policy.